Samsung Galaxy s6 s7 note 5 note 7 FRP bypass for Universal

By | March 7, 2019

 Samsung Galaxy s6 s7 note 5 note 7 FRP bypass for Universal

Samsung FRP bypass for Universal All Model lock from your Samsung device Here are the steps to remove factory reset protection

Tested devices:

Galaxy s6 s7 note 5 note 7
J 5 2016
J710F |2016| Android 6.0.1
J700T1 Versión: 6.0.1
j700 2016

1.Download and install RealTerm program
2.Download and copy com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk to the device micro sd card or download once into the device.
3. Start phone and connect to WIFI also plug into the computer with your USB cable.
4. Start RealTerm on your pc and under-display check the box HALF DUPLEX
5. Right-click on my computer and select manage once it opens click device manager then modems
6. Under modems, you should see a Samsung device. right-click it then selects properties
7.Once the properties window opens select modem tab and sees what port it is on like com5 for an example
8. Now that you know the com port number close all device manager windows and open RealTerm again
9. Under the ports tab in RealTerm enter your port number then click change.
10. Next, click the sent tab. you will need to send these two commands with the Send ASCII button
11.First at+creg?rn
12.Then atd1234;rn
13. Look at your phone and the dialer will pop up.
14. Now watch the video below to see the rest of the steps and please comment below on your success or failures. thanks
NOTE: If you don’t have an SDcard and are getting the sparse ERROR in es file explorer then you can buy an OTG flash drive and load the FRPbypass.apk to it from your computer then plug it into the phone. once plugged in navigate to it in es file explorer and install the FRP bypass app that way. You can also put this address into your ES File Explorer app 

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